Our Fish Farm

Fish Farm @ Penarak

For over three decades, our esteemed fish farm has been a pioneer in the industry, renowned for its expertise in cultivating premium grouper and a diverse range of fishes.

Our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and superior care has not only shaped our legacy but also set new standards. With a foundation built on experience and a passion for aquatic life, we continue to thrive as a leading authority in providing exceptional, high-quality seafood to delighted customers worldwide.

What we do

At the heart of our fish farming success lies a unique and sustainable approach. Collaborating closely with local fishermen, we source young fishes to nurture and grow to sellable sizes. This collaboration not only supports the livelihoods of these skilled individuals but also ensures a diverse stock for our farm.

Employing state-of-the-art aquaculture practices, we maintain ecosystem sustainability. Our dedicated team monitors water quality, nutrition, and habitat conditions to provide optimal environments for the fishes. This approach minimizes stress and promotes healthy growth, resulting in premium quality green grouper, hybrid grouper, seabass, snapper, and other seafood varieties.

Adapting to market demands, we meticulously manage our production to offer a consistent supply of high-quality seafood. With a foundation rooted in community engagement and ecological harmony, our fish farm continues to thrive, setting an example for responsible aquaculture and delivering delectable ocean fare to appreciative tables worldwide.

Contact Us

For inquiries about our sustainable seafood and innovative fish farming system, please contact us at +6012-5156012 / +60174133166. We look forward to serving your needs and sharing our expertise.