orange and white fish on white and black pebbles
orange and white fish on white and black pebbles

Fresh & Quality Seafood
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About us

We offer lunch and dinner dine-in services, providing delectable seafood dishes with Thai, Chinese, and Malay flavors. Additionally, we cater to events and special occasions, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.

Our seafood restaurant journey began with Mr. Cheah, a visionary who embarked on a mission to serve top-quality and delicious seafood in Langkawi Island. Starting off since 1980's, Mr. Cheah is a fish farming expert in Langkawi Island and is one of the main seafood supplier in Langkawi island that is best known with quality. By farming different kind of fishes such as Grouper, Hybrid Grouper, Seabass, Flower Crabs, and many other seafood,

With an amalgamation of Thai, Chinese, and Malay influences, our restaurant boasts a diverse menu, offering a symphony of flavors. Our Chef's culinary expertise and dedication have created a dining experience that delights seafood enthusiasts.

From classic Thai seafood curries to savory Chinese-inspired stir-fries and flavorful Malay seafood dishes, each creation is a tribute to the rich culinary heritage. Our restaurant has become a beloved destination, where guests savor the finest seafood while embracing a fusion of tastes from Southeast Asia.

Fresh & Quality Seafoods

Daily Sorted Fresh Ingredients

Professional & Precise Handling

How do we achieve it?

Our fish farming thrives through sustainable practices honed almost 4 decades. Thoughtful aquaculture techniques, ecosystem conservation, and community involvement ensure abundant fish stocks, preserving the island's marine biodiversity while meeting the demand for seafood and promoting local livelihoods.

Our successful fish farming in Langkawi Island fuels our passion for seafood restaurant business. We serve fresh, locally sourced fish, providing customers with a delicious and sustainable dining experience, while supporting the community and marine conservation efforts.

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