Shopping Spree in Langkawi

Duty free island - Langkawi have so much to offer when it come to shopping. We made a list of places you can go for a great shopping experience.

10/17/20231 min read

person walking while carrying a camera and paper bags
person walking while carrying a camera and paper bags

Langkawi island has acquired duty free status on 1987, and since then the island have been on the list of shoppers from all around the nation.

It is a good idea to reserve some extra space in your luggage when you are planning your trip to Langkawi because there are so many beautiful and affordable items that will catch your attention apart from the majestic view of the island itself.

Even though the island is a duty free island, there are still rules and regulation involve when purchasing these item especially alcohol. Please do take note of the current regulation on this. The current (2023) regulation allow 1liter of alcohol per person that stayed in Langkawi island for more than 72 hours.

Few of the most sorted item by shopper from the island are chocolates, alcohol, tobacco products, kitchen ware, perfume, eye glasses, textile & cloth, luggages and many other item.

The town area of the island, Kuah, have most of the shopping places & shops and are more affordable with more choices too. However if you happen to be at Cenang beach area, there are few shops there too for shopping purpose.

We have compiled a list of few good shopping places and mall that you can go for some great shopping experience.

Shopping Mall

  • - Langkawi Fair

  • - Langkawi Parade

  • - Cenang Mall

Shopping Place

  • - Eastern Native (Kuah & Cenang)

  • - Haji Ismail Group (Kuah)

  • - Idaman Suri (Kuah)

  • - Langkawi Saga (Kuah)

  • - TS duty free (Kuah)

  • - Rams (Kuah)

  • - Coco Valley (Pantai Cenang)

  • - Teow Soon Huat Duty Free (Kuah & Cenang)

  • - The Zon (Pantai Cenang)

We hope these list would be helpful for you, have a pleasant holiday and happy shopping!