How to Plan for Holiday in Langkawi?

Simple guide on how to plan for a memorable holiday in Langkawi Island


10/11/20233 min read

a view of the ocean from a hill
a view of the ocean from a hill

Taking a break is necessary to refresh the mind and body from the hectic daily work. Langkawi is one of the most visited Island in Malaysia due to the natural beauty of the Island, the duty free status and the wide variety of the activities in the Island.

Planning ahead is important to make sure a smooth and enjoyable holiday for everyone. Factors that need to be taken into account while planning for Langkawi are your budget, accommodation, transportation, activities and also foods.

1. Budget

When you have your budget for the trip, it will be easier to plan ahead so that you will know how much is your allocation for each necessities such as the accommodation & foods. If your priority being just to enjoy without having a tight budget then just go for it, but if your trip are tied to a budget then it is important to survey around to get the best package that is worth it so that by the end of the trip you wont be crying for breaking the bank.

2. Accommodation

The Island have few beautiful beaches and most of them have accommodation of different price range nearby. Depending on your budget and needs, you can either opt for full equipped hotel or homestay. Hotel can be convenient and have better in house amenities, facilities and some even have in house restaurant so food wont be an issue for you. But if you are travelling with large family or group, hotel could sometime end up with some heft sum of amount, that is when homestay base accommodation is a better option. Homestay concept offer a “homey” feels, more spacious and comfortable. Most homestay are well equipped, some even come with private swimming pool that can cater more than 10 people at a go, it is surely a better option when the trip involved more people.

3. Transportation

The island have many beautiful natural places waiting to be explore. You can either rent a bike or car and drive yourself into the beautiful exploration adventure in the island, this option is more budget friendly if you are staying for long in the island. But in a situation that you are clueless about the island, you can always hire a private tour guide to bring you around the island with small fees, or alternatively you can get transport via hitch ride apps such as “Grab”, it is relatively cheap and convenient too.

4. Activities

Langkawi island is a diverse island that you can choose your different mood for your holiday, if you would want a relaxing holiday or an adventurous trip, the island have it all. If you want a more relaxing holiday to rejuvenate yourself , you can opt for a quieter beaches such as Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Tengah or Pantai Kok, just to mention a few. These beaches vibes are more relaxing and slow pace, suitable for a relaxing holiday. For an adventurous trip, you can opt for the famous Pantai Cenang that offers variety of water sports activities and the main tourist site in Langkawi island. Sightseeing places such as wildlife park, Underwater World aquarium, Cable car ride at Oriental Village, Eagle square and many other are also available and suitable for visit with children. Another special feature of langkawi island is the archipelago and the mesmerizing sunset, so if you want to explore the beauty of it, go for Island hopping, Mangrove tour or a sunset cruise trip. It will surely be an activity you will not forget soon. The beauty of the island will take you away.

5. Food

It is important to plan ahead on where and what you will eat especially when you have special dietary needs. Langkawi island have many restaurants and cafes that cater to different type of foods. One thing you wont want to miss out while being in the island is the fresh seafood. Pantai Cenang have stretches of seafood restaurant of different style that you can choose from and it is within walking distance if you are staying at Pantai Cenang. For fresh seafood but cheaper price you can try it out in the town area which house many fresh seafood restaurant with reasonable & affordable price without compromising thee deliciousness.

As a conclusion, plan your holiday ahead to ensure a smooth itinerary. There are many tour agencies and website that you can survey and get information while planning. Be careful and check for authenticity before proceeding with any payment to avoid being victim of scammers. We have few recommended agency that is listed in our page, do check them out!

Last but not least, welcome to Langkawi island & have a pleasant holiday!!